art director // creative // ad gal



"I don't know what to do with my hands."


hi, I'm audrey.
here's some stuff you should know.

I'm a vegetarian, but my friends call me Beef Steak Patty.
My true talents include reciting random pop culture facts and  being able to learn all the lyrics to a song after only listening to it ~3 times.

I have yet to find a lucrative career path for these gifts, so I got into advertising instead. 

I am a creative professional with 2+ years of experience as an Art Director at a large, independent advertising agency. Before this gig, I held various graphic design and production internships throughout my time at the University of Missouri. I also have interests in entertainment, public relations, social media and live music. 

I love creative problem solving and collaborating with new people. Let's chat! 

Currently: Los Angeles, CA