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Wingstop 4/20



April 20th is a day known for binging. So, this year, Wingstop decided to create a 4/20 Hulu "high-atus" to remind wing lovers to take a break from holiday activities and cure the crave. 

These four 15-second spots, each one trippier than the next, played back-to-back on popular binging sites like Hulu, where viewers are used seeing the same ads multiple times in a row. They also ran on channels like AdultSwim, and in movie theaters before Super Troopers 2. 



"The best piece of branded content we’ve seen so far comes via Wingstop, which turned a classic drive-in theater animation into something both hypnotic and mildly unsettling."


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.16.31 PM.png

agency: barkley
role: art director
the team:
Courtney Hoenicke (CW),
Bryce Richardson (ACD),
Jason Hopkins (ACD),
Brandon Bennett (Sr. AD)